Lead Product Designer
2018 — 2020

Helping You Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Owned by Australia’s largest fitness network (Fitness & Lifestyle Group), KuboFit is the official app for Goodlife and Fitness First members. The app enables customers to access and reach their fitness and wellbeing goals through a wide range of features that aim to support them on their fitness journey, to keep them engaged, and to drive habitual behaviour.


As the Lead Product Designer, I am responsible for improving the user experience and introducing new features by making the product more personalised and user-friendly for members. The main features I've been responsible for include the creation of on demand workouts and training programs, the ability for members to find and schedule classes in their area, activity features to help our users achieve specific goals and a digital pass that allows our members to access our clubs 24/7.

Workout Plans Tailored to You

My first project at KuboFit was to design a new workout feature. This required rethinking how users work out, plan for their week of exercise and meet goals. I created workout plans that are tailored to each and every user with a weekly layout to easily manage time and track progress as well as dynamic tutorials to make working out as seamless as possible.

We collaborated with our top fitness trainers at both Goodlife and Fitness First and created over 200+ unique workouts which span across multiple training outcomes and goals.

Onboarding starts with the user setting up their own plan which suits their own schedule, goals and start date at which point their plan is created and greeted with their weekly plan view.

The plan view houses member's weekly workout schedules which can be easily edited along with their workout for the day. User testing showed some of our clubs had insufficient internet access which required the development of an offline mode where users could download their workouts for offline access.

The workout views give detailed descriptions of the workout members will be doing along with the intensity at which they should do it. It also show the equipment needed along with video previews and a playlist of exercises they will be completing.

When starting a workout, members are greeted with our player. Workouts are split into 3 stages: the warmup, workout and cool down. After user testing different versions, we decided to split the exercises into preview stage and then exercise stage so users who were unfamiliar with the exercise could see it in action before they started. We also added an instructions button for users who want to see and read the required steps. The user can play, pause and skip previous exercises along with accessing the full playlist if they want to jump around to different exercises. We integrated audio cues for countdowns and completions and designed an apple watch app that controls the player.

Get After
Your Goals

The activity section of our app was designed to compliment our workout plans and also help users to set and achieve goals. It also provides the building blocks to enable future roadmap items such as challenges, rewards and leaderboards.

Users were given the ability to set and track their own goals, and have a centralised place where they could keep, view and add all their historical activity data including, workouts, steps, classes and club visits.

The Check In

The digital pass was a key strategic initiative that aligned with two of our brand values (1. To make things simple for users. 2. To create habitual behaviour through ease of use - ultimately to drive uptake and usage.)Releasing this feature in the app also contributed to significant cost savings on physical cards (and admin issues around users losing physical cards).